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CrownSM Testimonials

Your service and professionalism is so rare today and we all want you to know how much we appreciate it. We highly recommend CheckMate Lasers and think that everyone should be buying their machines from you!

Testimonial from 'Verne'

Recently Louie Alvarez delivered a King Laser to our school here in Alaska. The initial setup instructions were clearly presented. I am a new comer to the CAD/CAM world, but Louie’s calm and confident demeanor set my mind at ease so that I learned easily. The training that followed was just as well done. As we wound up our training time I felt comfortable setting up the first project for my students. It went well! My students left feeling successful and excited about the next project. One of Louie’s first comments was that this would be easy. He was right. He smoothly adapted his vast knowledge of industry applications to our educational setting. I would encourage anyone looking to use Laser technology to check with Louie Alvarez and CheckMate Lasers.

*He also knows CorelDraw inside and out.

Thanks Again,

-Vern Kornstad

Nikiski MD/High School

Testimonial from 'Cindy'

We have come home and hashed and talked and crunched numbers, measured, and we are going to still have to wait a bit to get a laser.   We have been researching all the different lasers for several months as you know, and really were concerned about your laser and how it compared in the marketplace because the pricing was so much less, it was one of those.. “do you get what you pay for things”.  It was absolutely critical that we had a chance to actually see one of your machines and what it could do, and it’s size and capability.  You guys were amazing, and I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to talk with you and see your laser.  We have decided that when we do purchase a laser it is going to be one of your machines, we are just working on the timeline.  We currently do not have the space available to put a machine of that size and make it all work with venting etc.  We are currently selling some equipment and working on making space.  There is also a little bit of concern about the cost involved to not only purchase the machine but get venting etc. in place (we are in a poured concrete building).  So… Thank you for everything.. It will pay off.  And we would LOVE to buy the used machine you have available, but it is just not going to work for us financially and physically at this time. We are going to continue to work on making space and gathering funding to be able to move forward with this, and you will be the first call we make. Thank you again for your time! -Cindy

Testimonial from 'Shellie'

Thank you so much for installing our Checkmate Lasers Knight2 laser cutting/engraving machine today. The fact that you came out and personally installed it and gave us the knowledge to operate it, sets you way above the “other” laser company we dealt with. You provided the clear direction for maintenance and operation that will help to make our business a success and treated us, women (and all of our animals), with respect. Your service and professionalism is so rare today and we all want you to know how much we appreciate it. We highly recommend Checkmate Lasers and think that everyone should be buying their machines from you! -Shellie

Testimonial from 'Dave'

Joe has been a great Tech/Trainer and source for Technical support for all our engravers, (ULS, Xenetech, CheckMate Lasers and Dahlgren). When he sold us our CheckMate Laser, Joe and Louie Alvarez made us a great deal and has followed up on the support during the short learning curve and checked up on my operation periodically since; so much so that I am demo site for the CheckMate Lasers and a further reference for his CorelDRAW training course. -Dave

Testimonial from 'Chris'

FYI I attended the Design-2-Part show in Long Beach, CA last week and saw the Epilog and Universal Lasers up close. I must admit that dollar for dollar their machines look and function like toys compared to the CheckMate Lasers. If you ever need a testimonial, please don’t hesitate to call me. I also gave out your website to a number of interested parties. I am sure glad I found CheckMate Lasers BEFORE I made my buying decision! -Chris

Testimonial from 'Ken'

CheckMate Lasers is so much easier to use than the Xenetech I used to own. The features I argued with you during the onsite training session were just because I couldn’t see the value in them until I actually implemented them. Then I was completely amazed, so simple and now I don’t waste any materials! Very thrilled I bought from such a knowledgeable and supportive company. Thanks! -Ken
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