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CrownSM The XM8 Differentiation

CheckMate Lasers by LECME, inc. (Laser Engraving Cutting Marking Etching systems) was established in 2008 by Louie Alvarez. A recognized name in the industry with over 23+ years of experience and knowledge as one of the most technical and software savvy in the laser engraving, cutting, marking & etching systems industry. Leveraging that expertise Louie meticulously researched and located an overseas factory to build laser systems that would implement his modifications. This factory already had a rich history of two decades equipment manufacturing including over 10 years of laser specific construction. CheckMate Lasers’ factory builds laser systems that meet the specifications of industrial strength and precision quality output that Louie expects.

A major component to the continued success of CheckMate Lasers in a very competitive market is by and far pricing, support and marketing. North American manufactures have been selling laser systems at outrageous prices for years, but today CheckMate Lasers is changing that landscape dramatically. The CheckMate Lasers product line are a fraction of that typical price, yet also includes onsite setup and training, the best technical support in the industry in addition to providing marketing assistance that will minimize a CheckMate Lasers customers’ learning curve quickly as well as help get profitable much sooner.

Teaming up with one of the most successful sales and marketing experts in this industry, Errol Barr, has allowed CheckMate Lasers to offer a dynamic opportunity to their customer base. Errol brings over twelve years of experience that includes the sale of hundreds of laser systems to individuals and companies alike as a start-up opportunity or as a tool for an existing business. This has allowed Errol to gather valuable insight over the years with his customers as to what encompasses a successful laser business. Errol has written a dynamic marketing manual targeting eight markets that have proven successful over the years by many of his clients. Errol offers suggested pricing, customer base suggestions, market penetration strategies and useful marketing tips that will give you the tools and the confidence to be successful in a truly diversified and exciting business opportunity.

High quality, industrially built machinery at unheard of prices and backed by the best training, technical and marketing support in the entire industry truly allows CheckMate Lasers to differentiate themselves from other manufactures of laser machines that offer little after sale support and most certainly when it comes to marketing absolutely no ongoing support nor assistance.

Take the time to speak with us and ask us about the many opportunities that exist with an affordable, yet feature rich, industrial caliber CheckMate Lasers engraving/cutting system. LECME

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