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DT Series: NDv2 Basic Operation

Tutorial Learn the procedure to import an image, assign vector cutting and/or raster engraving colors and parameters the prepare with power/speed/gap settings for output on a DT Series laser system from CheckMate Lasers.

Joe Braga, Engraver’s Choice joins XM8

EC Engraver’s Choice joins the CheckMate Lasers team bringing over two decades of sales, service & support of laser systems, routers and other industry equipment, including CorelDRAW training.

CheckMate Lasers Newsletter v8

Articles Review CheckMate Lasers latest newsletter. 50 Laser Engraving Money Making Suggestions. XM8 King spotlight, announcement of Joe Braga of Engraver’s Choice joining the team. Our promo demo video. And finally the “Three R’s of Laser Tubes” podcast.

Episode 13: The Three R’s of Laser Tubes

LaserLowdown Listen in as Louie address’ the unknown, unexpected, unplanned and unbudgeted (is that a word?) factor of laser tubes. Learn the difference between the well know metal tubes vs. the newer more affordable glass laser tubes. The three R’s of laser tubes that MUST be taken into consideration are: Recharge, Repair, Replace

Episode 12: Growth Thru Organizations

LaserLowdownThis shows topic has Louie addressing a very often asked subject by many laser businesses. “How to grow a business beyond the core, bread and butter projects and customer base?” Listen in while Louie outlines his strategy from his laser days to build a steady, consistent client base from local organizations.