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How do you address service and support?

Once a customer of CheckMate Lasers, always a customer of CheckMate Lasers. We are here to serve you and help you succeed in business with your new CheckMate Laser system.

  • You have a problem with your laser system
  • You need warranty service
  • You’ve used your laser so much you require a new laser tube
  • You want to upgrade or obtain an accessory
  • You’re stuck on a particular driver feature
  • You’re stuck on a particular software feature
  • Etc., etc., etc.

Whatever the need is you are a CheckMate Lasers customer and we are here to serve you. The first place you should go to is your local sales rep, or contact via email or even texting. We will do whatever we can to assist you in your time of need. For regular support on top of LECME, inc. support, we suggest you join our XM8 Support Forums. This will bring you valuable information as you network with other CheckMate Laser owners and other laser peers.

Customer Support

Your the proud new owner of a CheckMate Lasers laser system and want to learn as much as possible so you can begin profiting as quickly as possible. As you know time is money, so the faster you can get projects out the door the more valuable your laser becomes. The place to go for support and information is right here on our XM8 Lasers Forums Support Center.

Of course most of the links are accessible to everyone who visits our, the All Things Laser podcast site. But we have an area on the XM8 Forums that is accessible solely and exclusively by CheckMate Laser system owners. If you are a CheckMate Laser owner and do not have your access to this private area of the Forums, first Register at the site, then once CheckMate Lasers personnel confirms your identity your registration will be included into the Customers group, thereby authorizing full access to the XM8 Forums content.

Videos, Articles, Tutorials, etc.

We’ve found over the years that phone and even email support just isn’t quite enough at times. So when the opportunity presents itself that an article needs to be written about a particular topic or a step by step tutorial must be created then so be it. The staff at CheckMate Lasers works with our customer base and determines which method will best serve the customer immediate needs or if written support isn’t clear enough then a video is produced. View the following to get a taste of our support methods.

When the written tutorial just isn’t enough: Adobe-PDFStep by Step Focal Adjustment:

Industry Support

Industry resources are necessary to locate new markets to penetrate, pricing structures, techniques to faster complete projects, trade shows to check out what’s coming down the pike, etc. LECME, inc. is here to help you locate these resources. The place to begin searching for support and information is right here at

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