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CrownSM Shipping Information

After you’ve done your diligent homework, discussed your power requirements, table size, budget, etc. with your LECME, inc. sales representative and have placed your order for your new CheckMate Laser system our work begins.

The CheckMate Laser you’ve ordered is manufactured by our factory, the laser system is tested for Quality Control (QC) and then is shipped to the US by ocean liner.

We handle all the necessary paper work and provide the needed documentation to our global shipping company who last year shipped over 700,000 shipments alone. Allowing us to utilize the lowest shipment cost available, thereby allowing LECME, inc. to absorb the cost of shipping up to our Las Vegas facility. Complex paperwork, language difficulties or cultural barriers are all a thing of the past, as our shipping company whisks your CheckMate Laser from the dock, through customs, and onto a truck for delivery to our Las Vegas facility for a second round of QC setup, calibration and testing prior to shipment to its final destination. LECME, inc. handles everything seamlessly.

Shipping times to the US do vary, but on average shipments will take 4-5 days by air and approximately 13 days by sea to reach the Long Beach ports and another 7 days (based on Customs) to ship to our Las Vegas facility. Shipping by sea is our preferred method of shipping CheckMate Laser systems into the United States. Shipping by sea keeps the costs low; therefore, shipping by sea is preferred by LECME, inc. as we absorb the shipping costs, customs fees, etc. up to our Las Vegas, NV, USA facility. Customer is responsible for shipment from the Las Vegas, NV, USA to their location (FOB, Las Vegas, NV, USA). Air shipping is an alternative for deliveries where “time” is an issue, payable by customer when this shipment method is chosen (FOB Shanghai, China).

Delivery upon order placement to customers location is quoted as 4-8 weeks with 5-6 weeks being typical. Of course if the system ordered is in stock the time frame is significantly less, as little as a few days. The only unknown variable in delivery time frame from our factory is Customs at Long Beach ports. We can determine how long for our factory to construct and ship to the China ports, how long overseas, how long from Long Beach ports to Las Vegas, without problem. The time frame while in Long Beach ports is the unknown factor simply due to Customs. Rest assured that LECME, inc. works diligently with our shipping broker and customs broker to get the shipment released and continue onto our Las Vegas facility in a timely manner. LECME, inc. keeps customers abreast of any developments in delivery time frame as the information becomes available.

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