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What Separates CheckMate Lasers from the Competition?

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If you are or have ever considered buying a laser system to enhance or upgrade an existing business or to even start a new business venture consider the following; What Separates CheckMate Lasers from the Competition?

Beyond the fact that we have been in the industry for over a quarter century accumulating a vast expertise and knowledge of laser machines and that all of our turnkey laser machine packages include onsite setup, calibration and training. This is still a great and important question that should be asked of all laser manufacturers while conducting diligent research into obtaining a new laser machine.

Here are but a few of the unique features that our existing client base requested over the years that no one was willing to incorporate into their laser machines. That said, CheckMate Lasers listened and CheckMate Lasers improved, innovated and implemented…

  1. Full width pass-through

Removable front and rear panels eliminates the need for a huge open bed Class IV laser machine, as this pass through allows products as wide as the work area, of ANY length, up to 21.5 inches depth to be processed.


  1. Persistent memory buffer

Projects STAY in the laser machine buffer! Unlike “other” laser machines on the market when CheckMate Lasers loses power either intentionally or accidentally, projects stay in buffer awaiting processing when power is restored.


  1. USB thumbdrive support

No computer required to process projects. This unique feature allows projects to be uploaded directly from a USB Thumbdrive without the need for computer to connected to the machine or even if one is, does not have to be turned on. Restrict what is processed on your laser machine to ONLY business revenue generating projects.


  1. Lighted work area

LED lights directly above lens assembly along bottom of X gantry. This allows for easy viewing of laser beam activity, hence projects being processed can be monitored if desired as the lens assembly moves throughout the entire project and is lit up by the LED lighting system.


  1. Built in vector cutting table

Honeycomb tables are obsolete & overpriced. No need for an ineffective, short lifespan, impossible to clean, obsolete honeycomb cutting table. CheckMate Lasers ship with multiple individual slat. That can individually be removed for the optimal cutting surface.


  1. Industrial sized motors

Large heavy duty X axis & Y axis motors . Double the size of most “other” laser machines on the market, which allows for heavy duty, non-stop, multiple shift operation.


  1. Double the width belt thickness

Belts twice the industry width. This greatly reduces the chances of stretching, tearing or even slipping which translates into more durability, longevity, hence productivity.


  1. Table axis motor size and power

CheckMate Lasers utilizes HUGE Z motors. This provides for the ability to lift 150-200+lbs of products. With an all steel table frame CheckMate Lasers machines can easily support over 300+lbs of product as well, such as stone granite or stone marble projects.


  1. Chain driven table up/down motion

We use a chain for the Z axis NOT a belt! Most machines use the same belt that moves the lightweight lens assembly left to right to lift to also adjust work table height. NOT CheckMate Lasers, we use a thick chain-link to support massive weight lifting capability.


  1. Heavy duty steel frame

Heavy duty steel frame minimizes vibration. The steel frame and solid cast feet allow stability while in operation to minimize vibration during lens assembly motion.


  1. Extra-large mirrors

1 inch diameter mirrors.  Unlike “other” laser machines that use small diameter (some as small as 1/2″) mirrors that are permanently mounted to a metal plate that once damaged MUST be replaced. Our huge mirrors allow for simple and easy rotation to continue using the mirrors even if scratched or damaged.


  1. User replaceable components

DIY (Do It Yourself parts installation), service visit NOT required. CheckMate Lasers is designed with the operator in mind. Why wait for a service representative to schedule you in as well as charge you to simply swap out a part? CheckMate Lasers is designed for the End-User to quickly and easily replace internal components if/when needed in-house.


  1. Heavy Duty caster wheels and stabilizing feet

Wheels & feet included, standard. Considering CheckMate Lasers machine all have a pass-thru ability a good set of heavy duty caster wheels is necessary to make the machine easily movable as well as stabilizing the entire system when movement is not necessary nor desired. We include both!


  1. One machine to run them all

Built in electrical power plugs. We understand electrical power sources are limited in many workshops, plus we don’t want operators to have to “remember” to turn on accessories. CheckMate Lasers has built in power ports to automatically power all accessories directly from the laser machine itself, i.e., water chiller, exhaust blower, mini air compressor with a 4th spare outlet for an additional accessory if needed.


These are but a few of the innovative features and functions built into all the CheckMate Lasers XM8 Series machines as a direct result of customer input that allows CheckMate Lasers customer base to be more productive and less concerned about machine downtime or machine workarounds.

That is what separates CheckMate Lasers from the competition! &


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