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CrownSM System Accessories

Glass Laser TubeCO2 glass laser tube: 40w, 50w, 60w, 80w, 100w, 130w, 150w
Metal Laser TubeMetal laser tube: 100w, 140w, 200w 300w, 400w, 600w
Servo MotorsServo Motors for the GrandMaster Series ONLY
Optics SetLens & Mirrors Optics Set = 1 lens + 3-4 mirrors (dependent upon series)
Rotary Attachment (clamp)Rotary attachment for engraving cylindrical objects. Objects sits IN rotary.
Rotary Attachment (scissor)Rotary attachment for engraving cylindrical objects. Objects sits ON rotary.
Honeycomb TableHoneycomb vector cutting table
Mini Air CompressorMini air-compressor to connect to the air assist plumbing
Water PumpWater pump to circulate water (placed in bucket of ice water)
Industrial Water Chiller 3000Refrigerated water circulation unit.
Industrial Water Chiller 5000Refrigerated water circulation unit. Larger.
Exhaust FanVentilation exhaust fan, mounted to cabinet of laser system.
Exhaust BlowerVentilation exhaust blower unit (6" input, 4" output).
MirrorSpecially coated reflective laser system mirrors.
LensLens available in 1.77", 2.5", 3.15", 3.54" focal lengths.
NewlyDrawSpecially designed laser engraving and cutting software application.
CorelDRAWVector graphics editing application suite (includes DRAW, PhotoPaint).
PhotoGravConvert full color digital images to laser ready halftone images.
PhotoShopThe defacto standard of Image manipulation software.
CermarkMetal Marking Solution to use CO2 on stainless steel, aluminum, chrome, etc.