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CrownSMGM Series GrandMaster

XM8 King

CheckMate Lasers Knight

XM8, the laser industry innovator…

“An Affordable Large Format, High Wattage, Class IV laser!”

Engineered to take the best of many existing laser systems innovative but poorly implemented features and enhance them to develop a laser system that works around you, not you having to work around it. With 40%-50%-60% less expensive than comparable machines/manufacturers currently on the market, this savings translates into faster ROI (Return On Investment), and quicker profitability. In its simplistic approach this laser series is equipped with features designed to boost overall productivity at an affordable price!

Equipment Components:

The CheckMate GrandMaster Series laser systems are built with a modulated steel frame structure for a mechanically trouble-free system. Belt transmission or ball screw driver XY gantry system on a straight track to support the motion system and laser tube, with stepper or servo motor choices available.

The following features are available:

  • CorelDRAW/AutoCAD interface
  • Remote control system
  • Routed wire & hose feeding
  • Air driven support posts
  • Alternate slat worktable
  • Drawer style worktable
  • Water chilled circulation system
  • Water cooling failure alarm notification
  • Water cooling failure laser tube disabling system
  • Air-assist protection system
  • Configured for exhaust of smoke and dust
  • Flying optics laser beam delivery system
  • Simple touch screen LCD control panel operating system.
Table SizesWattage ChoicesLaser Tube Mfg's
Table SizesWattage ChoicesLaser Tube Mfg's
4' x 4'80 wattGlass
4' x 6'100 wattGlass or GSI
4' x 8'130 wattGlass
5' x 8'140 wattGSI
6' x 8'150 wattGlass
200 wattSynrad
Custom 300 wattRofin
lengths400 wattSynrad
available...600 wattRofin
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Applicable Fields:

The CheckMate GrandMaster Series laser systems are widely used in monuments, photograph stone engraving, headstones, glass engraving, architectural modeling, aerospace modeling, furniture making, entry door (glass or wood) engraving, stone engraving, advertisement applications and decorative photo quality engraving and detailed vector cutting. Due to the flying optics configuration, large format worktable, high wattage choices available the CheckMate GrandMaster Series allows for over-sized materials to be laser engraved and/or cut smoothly, accurately and elaborately across the entire worktable.

Specifications subject to change without notice. Images may differ from actual shipping product.