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CrownSMXM8 Series Rook

XM8 Rook

XM8/DT Series Comparisons

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XM8, the laser industry innovator…

The best, feature rich laser system ever built

Engineered to take the best of many existing laser systems innovative but poorly implemented features and enhance them to develop a laser system that works around you, not you having to work around it. From the completely removable front and rear panels to provide a FULL width pass through cabinet, to the lighting system that always illuminates your working area, to the simple but effective test mode to ensure projects are perfectly lined up with substrates and many other highly useful but simple features. In its simplistic approach this laser system is equipped with features designed to boost overall productivity at an affordable price!

The laser system by which all others are measured!

Standard features include: Set Home Origin, FULL Width Pass-Thru (Front/Rear Panels or Side by Side), Red Diode Focusing Method, Project Test Mode, Internal LED Lighting, Removable Doors, Emergency Stop, Slat Table vs. the outdated and short lived honeycomb table, Programmable Origin, DEEP Table, HUGE Work Area, HIGH Wattage, Air Assist, Easy & FAST Laser Tube Upgrade, User Friendly Control Panel, High Speed Reliable Motion System, Advanced Vector Modes, Intelligent Rubber Stamp Engraving, Multiple/single job selection, System SAVES files EVEN when shut down, ENGRAVE or CUT in a single job. NOTE: These are standard features that the others SOMETIMES if even available provide at a price, ours is included!

Set Home Origin
Move the lens carriage to the desired position and proceed with engraving. Simply Simplistic!

Full Pass-Thru
Removable front and rear panels to accommodate long materials. Simply Innovative!

Red Diode Focal
No other auto focus works this accurately, focus is precise. Simply Precise!

Test Mode
Unique Test mode, easily ensure project lines up with substrate, every time. Simply brilliant!

Internal Lighting
Integrated internal light system for easy viewing. Simply Convenient!

Removable Doors
Quickly and easily access all components of the entire laser system. Simply Common Sense!

Emergency Stop
Instantly stop the laser from firing and the lens from moving in an emergency. Simply Safe!

Slat Table
Quick and efficient cutting table, will not wear, bend, or mark materials. Simply Effective!

Programmable Origin
Easy-to-use position modes allow an effortless way to setup a job. Simply Easy!

Deep Table
The deepest table in the industry! A full 10" for HUGE products. Simply Necessary!

HUGE Table
Large 16"x2' work area providing plenty of production space. Simply Productive!

HIGH Wattage
Up to 60 watts at an affordable price. ROI in record time! Simply Affordable!

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Model Logo
HIGH Laser Power60 watt50 watt
Laser SourceGlass CO2 laser tube
BIG Work Area15.75 x 23.62in
FULL width Pass-Thru2ft wide x ANY length x 10in deep!
Communication InterfaceUSB 2.0
Engraving Speed63in/s
Cutting Depth (acrylic)5/8in1/2in
Work table max. DEEP depth10in (motorized)
Lens manual adjust range1.1in
Motorized Auto FocusYes (dual red diode pointers)
Minimum shaping character0.04 x 0.04in
Resolution Ratio0.001in (1000dpi)
Resetting PositionAccuracy less than or equal to 0.004in
Power Supply220v +/-10% 50Hz
110V compatibleYes. 220V, Single phase, 20amp recommended
Power Consumption1200W
Operating Temperature32° - 113°F
Operating Humidity95° - 158°F
Software SupportedXM8draw*, CorelDRAW, AutoCAD
(CDR and AC interface require select versions)
Graphic Format SupportedVector format: DXF/AI/PLT/DST
Bitmap format: JPG/TIF/PCX/PNG/TGA
Operating System SupportedWindows XP/Seven (7)/Eight (8)
32-bit or 64-bit SupportYes / Hardware and Operating System
Cylindrical object engravingYes (with optional rotary)
System safety ratingClass I laser, Class III with red pointer
Exhaust SystemExhaust blower requires outdoor access
Air AssistYes, plumbing standard, compressor required
Cooling MethodWater Cooled
Water CirculatorRequired (optional chiller recommended)
Laser Tube LifeField Tested: Avg. 3-4 years (use type dependent)
Laser System Warranty24 months | 2 years
Laser Tube Warranty12 twelve | 1 year
Optics WarrantyThree (3) months
Onsite installation and trainingIncluded (travel expenses as well!)
Equipment Dimensions46.5 x 31 x 46in
Dimensions w/ Tube Cover+12in
Shipping Weight441lbs
Shipping Dimensions53 x 34 x 40in
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