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CrownSM Onsite Installation

LECME, inc. has ALWAYS provided onsite installs (setup, calibration & training) for nearly ALL the CheckMate Lasers engraving and cutting system purchases. Although some companies (read competitors) attempt to be offer installations, onsite installs has and always will be a staple of CheckMate Lasers turnkey laser systems.

With decades of experience with laser engravers and laser cutters, CheckMate Lasers staff know laser machine operation from an “employee” standpoint to an “owner” standpoint to “sales, service and support” standpoint. We’ve been where you are at and understand what is essential for you to learn in order to be productive and profitable with your new CheckMate Laser engraving/cutting system. We are honored that you would join the CheckMate family and allow us to bestow our long industry history of experience, skill and knowledge upon you our customer!

ALL CheckMate Laser systems are meticulously inspected, calibrated and tested prior to delivery for quality control purposes. This  ensures our technician will not have any issues nor interfere with the onsite installation and training. We strive to ensure our customers do not encounter unexpected surprises.

Most CheckMate Laser systems (exception: DT Series) include on-site installation, configuration and training. What does this entail?

Installation, configuration and testing:

  • CheckMate Laser system setup
    • We setup the laser machine as well as all the necessary accessories
  • CheckMate Laser machine configuration
    • We ensure the laser machine is configured properly for optimal operation
  • CheckMate Laser machine calibration
    • We adjust calibration to ensure full power at table with optimal power at material
  • Customer computer configuration
    • We ensure computer is configured properly to communicate with the CheckMate Lasers machine
  • CheckMate Laser system testing
    • Once setup and calibration is complete then we thoroughly test the configuration

CheckMate Laser Training:

  • CheckMate Laser machine maintenance
    • To ensure years of reliable service we ensure maintenance is learned and properly implemented
  • CheckMate Laser machine safety protocol
    • To ensure the CheckMate Lasers machinery is safely operated, we explain in detail safety protocol
  • CheckMate Laser machine operation
    • Once maintenance and safety is confidently acquired, then and only then do we proceed with laser machine operation

CorelDRAW Software instruction:

(dependent upon customer knowledge and time constraints):

  • XM8draw training (requires XM8draw)
    • This training segment is essential in order to instruct laser machine how to properly output projects
  • CorelDRAW training (requires CorelDRAW)
    • Learn the specific tools that will be used daily in creating projects for the laser machine to output
  • Layout design (requires CorelDRAW)
    • We explain properly design etiquette in order to streamline the design process
  • Vector operations (requires CorelDRAW)
    • Vector Cutting is much different the Raster Engraving, we show how to properly create vector projects
  • Image manipulation (requires Photoshop & PhotoGrav)
    • Learn the proper tools necessary to optimally manipulate images for quality output
  • Jig creations
    • Learn how to build jigs to hold those odd shaped products

Material(s) instruction

(dependent upon material availability and time constraints):

  • Wood
    • Wood burns beautifully, we show different techniques to quality results in the many types of wood
  • Glass
    • Unlike other materials, glass does not vaporize but only fractures, we show a few tried an true methods to work with glass with a laser machine
  • Coated metals
    • Anodized aluminum, painted steel, even powder coat can be laser engraved
  • Metal Marking
    • Using a third party solution, it is now possible to mark raw metals with a CO2 laser engraving machine
  • Plastics
    • A staple substrate in the laser engraving and laser cutting industry, learn the tricks of this material
  • Acrylics
    • Cut properly this material can look like glass thereby generating high dollar revenue, we show you optimal procedures
  • Others…
    • Dependent upon availability of other materials we can show you how to work with “others”
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