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CrownSM Timely Support

Problems never occur at optimal times 😥 They seem to inconvenience people at the worst possible times (tight deadline projects), after hours (late night) or outside business days (weekends and holidays). We strive to provide timely support at all times as we can possibly provide.

24/7/365 Support Availability

LECME, inc. understands that when you purchase a CheckMate Laser it will be far more than a personal hobby piece of equipment but more of a productive, profit generating, member of your company staff piece of machinery. With that said, we are here to assist you 24/7/365. From telephone, email and fax support as well as our online support mechanisms, such as Quick Contact Form to our Live Help Chat Module to our XM8 Lasers Forums and of course through Laser Lowdown, the All Things Laser podcast website we provide around the clock technical support. Due to the difficulty of most company’s ability to provide support staff availability on a 24/7/365 schedule we attempt to address this shortcoming by utilizing current technology to achieve this type of availability as much as possible. What does this mean? Allows us to elaborate. First we provide support in the following manners in order to meet as many scenarios as possible.

  • Telephone support (702-425-7853)
    • This is the fastest method of contacting XM8 Support during business hours
  • Live Chat Module (CLICK HERE)
    • Chat live with a support technician to help you out during your time of need
  • Cellular phone support (provided to customer base ONLY)
    • This is an available method for after hours contact provided to the XM8 customer base
  • SMS text support(provided to customer base ONLY)
    • XM8 Lasers quick and instant method of support as it is short (140 characters) and quick (instant)
  • Email support (Support(at)
    • The problem can be written up in detail with supporting photos, thereby creating a paper trail for future reference.
  • Fax line support (866-712-5279)
    • If the issue is not time sensitive and email is down or phone contact is not practical, this is always an available option
  • Website “Support Ticket” support & tracking mechanisms
    • Our NEW website now has a support ticket submission page for online support submission, response, tracking & closing
  • Forums online support documentation
    • With our ever-growing support forms containing well over 290+ support postings, you’ll find documents, articles, tutorials, videos even podcasts to support a wide variety of issues. This is the place to visit regularly.
  • XM8 Forums online support post monitoring
    • We monitor our XM8 Support Forums for any support/question/issue/problems postings and respond as quickly as possible. This serves as a for future reference for “others” to utilize

Email Problematic Designs

A popular request the support staff at XM8 receives quite often is how to “fix” a problematic design. In these cases a number of files are requested, i.e., the original bitmap, what was done by customer, the final design that is problematic, etc. This allows XM8 to clearly see what the problem is, correct it, then return the “fixed” file to customer so they may get back into production ASAP. XM8 also provides instructions of what was done to correct the problematic design so the customer will know how to “fix” future designs. • Here are two examples of the “above and beyond” customer support provided to XM8 customers at NO additional charge! Click image to enlarge, click image to exit…

This project was a Bitmap (2.85 x 1.32 inches) that needed to be enlarged significantly in size (2 foot x 3 foot) for final laser output. Bitmaps typically cannot be re-sized more than 10%-20% tops before severe degradation of quality occurs. So the XM8 staff began their stellar support and “recreated” the design into a vector based format, thereby allowing resizing of the image to any size needed with absolutely NO loss of quality. 1st image sent (BMP) | 2nd image returned (CDR)
Upon receipt of this design the immediate problem uncovered was the extreme number of objects; 29,429! This is just an overwhelming number for a computer to manipulate, let alone the laser system to process. So XM8 once again began it’s stellar support and “cleaned” up the image. Final count of objects; ONLY 67. Now project processes without issue at ANY size required! 1st image sent | 2nd imaged returned (note bottom status line circled)

Written &/or Video Support

Occasionally a customer has difficulty comprehending a support document methodology. So we produce a video companion to the document to provide a visual step by step to overcoming the difficulty wrapping a mind around a particular procedure. Such as the following: Step by Step Focal Adjustment: Adobe-PDF

In Closing…

So in a nutshell we provide 24/7/365 access via various contact methods, as outlined, to ALL the XM8 customer base in order to address issues that may occur at the worst possible times. From verbal support, to written support, to article & tutorial support to video support, XM8 Lasers looks to the fastest and most efficient method in order to get a customer back up an running in a Timely Manner!

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