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CrownSMTurnkey Packages

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Turnkey laser engraving and cutting system packages complete with onsite setup & training at affordable pricing!

CheckMate Lasers has determined that the best laser system package is a complete turnkey solution, hence we offer the following complete system turnkey packages.
  1. XM8 Series laser machine (One of the following systems)
    • King (CheckMate Lasers King 80w/100w/130w/150w)
    • Queen (CheckMate Lasers Queen 60w/80w)
    • Rook (CheckMate Lasers Rook 50w/60w)
    • Bishop2 (CheckMate Lasers Bishop2 50w/60w)
    • Knight2 (CheckMate Lasers Knight 50w)
  2. Water Chiller (Self-circulating to cool laser tube)
  3. Exhaust Blower (Ventilate laser created debris outdoors)
  4. Mini Air Compressor (Eliminate flames from laser cutting process)
  5. Onsite Setup & Training (Setup and calibrated onsite, then fully trained)
  6. Miscellaneous supplies (Various items to setup, maintain & operate system)
    1. USB v2 Cable
    2. Software and Key
    3. Ruler
    4. Water Funnel
    5. Digital Calipers (if rotary attachment is ordered)
    6. Lube Grease
    7. Cleaning supplies
      1. Optics cleaning fluid
      2. Cleaning cloths
      3. Q-tips
    8. Safety glasses
    9. Attachment components
    10. Clamps
    11. Zip Ties
    12. Lint-free cloth
    13. Gloves
    14. and more…

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Turnkey Packages